Ms. Mousumi Ghosh
Thesis Topic: 

She has been working to develop a unified framework of comprehensive flood forecasting under data scarce conditions as a part of MoES, GoI project. I have developed a three-way coupled hydrodynamic flood model for the Mithi catchment (which is one of the flood hotspots over Mumbai city) in MIKE FLOOD framework in which the MIKE 11 model (streamflow) with the drainage network (storm water drains) and the MIKE 21 model (overland flow) have been considered for flood inundation and hazard mapping. The tidal elevation along the coastline has also been provided in the model setup. The model considers velocity of flow, a very essential flood characteristics along with depth for flood mapping. Various analyses have been performed with this framework, the first being to develop flood inundation and hazard maps for 10, 50, 200 year return periods of rainfall for various hydraulic scenarios. Further numerical weather prediction based rainfall forecasts have been provided as inputs for near-real time flood mapping. A regional weather forecast model developed using quantile regression based statistical approach have also been utilized to enhance the rainfall forecasts and facilitate in improvement of flood forecasts.


MTech in Water Resources Engineering (Civil Engineering), National Institute of Technology Rourkela


Matlab, Python, R, MIKE FLOOD, SWAT

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