1. Turbulence, Droplet growth in clouds, Large Eddy Simulation
  2. Energy and Environment, Climate Change, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Technology Assessment, Rural Sanitation
  3. Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change, Coastal Vulnerability
  4. Climate and Disaster Risk,
  5. Urban Vulnerability
  6. Geophysics, Geomagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Ionosphere, Wavelet and Fractal Analysis
  7. Industry - Environment Linkages
  8. Socio-Economic Impact of Climate Change
  9. Management of Technology and Innovation for sustainability; Cooperative strategies for climate change and sustainability
  10. Climate change impacts on riverbasin hydrology & agriculture; simulation & optimization modeling, water resource systems, reservoir operation, irrigation water management; evolutionary computation, softcomputing; stochastic hydrology, risk assessment of hydrological extremes- floods & droughts, entropy and copula modeling;
  11. Climate Change Impact on Cyclone and Storm Surge
  12. Climate Change and Sea Level Rise
  13. Computational Ocean and Coastal Hydrodynamics
  14. Modelling of Tide, Storm and Tsunami
  15. Wave and Tidal Energy
  16. Climate Change Policy Process; Adaptation
  17. Remote sensing of Snow and Glaciers, Glacier Mass Balance Studies, Remote sensing of Rainfall, Remote sensing and GIS based Distributed Hydrological Modelling, Soil Erosion Modelling, Spatial Decision Support System Development, Urban Growth Monitoring and Modelling, High Definition Surveying
  18. Satellite Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Aerosols, Atmospheric Science Data Analysis, Radiative Forcing, Climatology, Absorbing Aerosol Deposition on Snowpack, Field Measurements.
  19. Remote sensing of aerosols and their climate effects, as well as assessing their potential impacts on hydrological cycle
  20. Tropospheric and ionospheric properties from GPS signal delay modelling. Analysis of Weather Radar Data, Multimodal Stereo Image Processing and Analysis, Remote Sensing and Geomatics applications, Modellind and simulations from 3D+ data, Surface Water Resources, Infrastructure Planning for Smart Cities
  21. Analysis of Hydro-climatic Extremes - parametric and nonparametric multivariate frequency analysis, modeling nonstationarity
  22. Environmental and Water Resources Systems - development of optimization models for surface water quality management
  23. Irrigation water management, floodplain planning and management, solid waste management, optimal design of water & waste water conveyance systems
  24. Uncertainty Modeling in Environmental Systems, Flood Risk Management, Environmetrics.
  25. Regional Modeling for Climate Change Impacts Assessment
  26. Characteristics of Indian Monsoon
  27. Hydro-climatic modeling for seasonal predictions and climate projections
  28. Impacts of urbanization on climate ( Urban heat island),
  29. Regional modeling for weather forecasting,
  30. Assessment and modeling of uncertainty in hydro-climatology
  31. Hydrological impacts of climate change; Climate change impacts on river basin scale; climate change impact on coastal areas due to sea level rise Coastal hydrodynamics; Watershed management; Application of numerical methods in water and environment
  32. Aerosols & air quality characterization with a focus on nano/ultra-fine particles; Size-resolved outdoor particulate matter chemical composition; Environmental exposure modelling; Environmental health and risk assessment