1. High Resolution Temperature and Rainfall Projections for CMIP3 Scenarios over the Indian Landmass.
  2. Assessing Socio-Economic Vulnerability to Climate Change: A City-Level Index Based Approach
  3. Impacts and Mitigation Potential of Short Lived Climate Pollutants from Residential Energy-Use
  4. Impact of Economic Structure on Mitigation Targets for India
  5. Precipitation recycling to estimate land surface feedback.
  6. Urbanization impacts on extreme rainfall.
  7. Assessment of bio-energy alternatives.
  8. Evaluation of climate change mitigation options.
  9. Cross-Scale institutional linkages in climate change responses.
  10. Future hydrologic scenarios in India under climate change.
Data repository:
  • SMOG India (Speciated Multipollutant Generator)

National total gridded emissions for 1996-2015 aerosol constituents (PM2.5, BC and OC) and precursor gas SO2, ozone precursors (CO, NOx, NMVOC and CH4) and greenhouse gases (CO2 and N2O) for India are estimated.
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Download SMOG data

Ongoing Sponsored Projects:

  1. NCAP-WGIII: Carbonaceous Aerosol Emissions, Source Apportionment and Climate Effects, funded by MoEFCC, grant amount: 10.69 Crore, duration: 2016-2020. For details please click here.
  2. Understanding recent extreme events in India in the context of climate change, funded by DST-UKIERI, grant amount 51.3 lakhs, duration: 2017-2019.
  3. Meso-scale subsurface mixing dynamics in the Indian Ocean region using Modular Ocean Model (MOM), funded by DST, grant amount 41.77 lakhs, duration: 2017-19.
  4. Extended Range Hydro-meteorological Forecasts for West Bengal at a District Level, funded by Dept. of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal, grant amount 99 lakhs, duration: 2017-2019.