Panel discussion on Inter-Disciplinary Dual Degree Program (IDDDP) in Climate Science & Policy for IITB B.Tech. students
Event Date: 
Wednesday, 30 March 2022 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Interdisciplinary Programme in Climate Studies (IDPCS), IIT Bombay is starting the Inter-Disciplinary Dual Degree Program (IDDDP) in Climate Science & Policy, where an undergraduate student from any department of IITB can apply for this dual degree Masters in Climate Studies in the 3rd year.

A paradigm shift has been observed in every thematic area of climate studies in recent times. The global climate change issues cross core climate science boundaries and focus on climate-resilient technology development, ensuring optimal dynamic adaptation and mitigation strategies. In addition, climate change impact assessment in a more holistic context as related to sustainability, agriculture and food security, cities and urbanization, public health and environment, natural resources (particularly water, energy, forest) management, water-energy-food-waste nexus, and climate modeling are some of the research areas that the IDPCS researchers would consider exploring and excelling in forthcoming years. Climate entrepreneurship is gaining momentum around the globe as a key role-player in developing sustainable climate technologies and undertaking successful innovation. The Interdisciplinary Dual Degree Programme (IDDDP) in Climate Science and Policy at IITB undergraduate level would allow for this need in climate education to be fulfilled and will correspondingly improve placement opportunities for our graduates. The undergraduates will benefit from excellent job opportunities in national and international laboratories, regulatory agencies and consultancy firms. Other direct and indirect benefits emerging out of this programme comprise a formal structure for interdisciplinary collaborative work in the form of common courses and project work, including sharing laboratory facilities across the Institute and creating a strong national entrepreneurial environment.

The Minimum eligibility criteria, Application procedure, Rules & Regulations will remain the same as provided in the UG Rule Book, IIT Bombay, Dec. 2020, Section 13 (A to C, Pgs 33-34). []. It is proposed to have a maximum intake of 5 IITB UG students in an academic year.

It is hoped such a program will motivate brilliant young minds to work in climate studies towards sustainability.

Panelists: Prof. Raghu Murtugudde: Visiting Professor, Interdisciplinary Programmein Climate Studies, IIT Bombay (IITB UG alumni),  Dr. Rajul Patkar: Co-Founder and CEO, Proximal Soilsens Technologies (IITB PG alumni),  Mitavachan Hiremath: Co-Founder and CEO, SusPoT – Center for Sustainability Bengaluru,  Divyansh Chug: PhD student, Dept of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (IITB UG alumni).