Assistant Professor
Employee Type: 
Research Interest: 
  • Monsoons 
  • Clouds and Climate Processes
  • Climate Modeling
Educational Qualification: 

PhD (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)

Research Publications: 

1. Dixit, Vishal, Louise Nuijens, and Kevin C. Helfer. "Counter‐gradient momentum transport through subtropical shallow convection in ICON‐LEM simulations." Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 13.6 (2021): e2020MS002352.

2. Dixit, Vishal, Olivier Geoffroy and Steven C. Sherwood,  "Control of ITCZ width by low-level radiative heating from upper-level clouds in aquaplanet simulations", Geophysical Research Letters, 45.11 (2018) : 5788-5797[Journal web-page] 

3. Dixit, Vishal, Steven Sherwood, Olivier Geoffroy and Damianos Mantsis,  "The Role of Non-linear Drying above the Boundary Layer in the Mid-Holocene African Monsoon", Journal of Climate, 31.1 (2018) : 233-249. [Accepted version]

4. Dixit, Vishal, and J. Srinivasan,"The role of vertical shear of the meridional winds in the northward propagation of ITCZ", Geophysical Research Letters (2011), 38, no.8., [Journal web-page]

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