Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Employee Type: 
Research Interest: 

* Aerosol Generation and Characterization
* Air Pollution Control Technologies Development
* Chemical Process Research and Development: Process research and development, scale-up and technology transfer from lab scale to pilot scale to commercialization (solar energy, silicon materials, specialty polymers)
* Climate Change: CO2 capture, GHG emission and nanomaterials application for CO2 reduction to useful products
* Development of CO2 Capture Technology
* Indoor and Outdoor Aerosol & Air Quality Monitoring and Characterization
* Nanotechnology & Application to Environment and energy: Nanomaterials synthesis, advanced characterization and application to solve various societal problems (waste water treatment, air contaminant and other areas of application)
* Nanotechnology Application for Air Pollution Control
* Source Apportionment Modeling, Dispersion Modeling & Long Range Transport Modeling
* Nanomaterial Catalyst for Conversion of CO2 to Useful Products
* Mechanical biological treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW)
* AspenPlus Process Modeling for Environmental/Chemical Process Development
* Application of Process Excellence/Statistical Model and Six Sigma Methodology for Manufacturing and Environmental/Chemical Process Industries
* Statistical Data Analysis and Model Development
* Environmental nanotechnology
* Fate, Transport, and Colloidal Stability of Nanoparticles
* Application of Nanotechnology in Water/Wastewater Treatment
* Nanomaterials for Biological Contaminant Treatment
* Advanced Oxidation for Contaminant Treatment in Water/Wastewater
Water and wastewater treatment

Educational Qualification: 

* Senior Scientist- SABIC,USA, 2018-1019
* R & D Scientist-GCL Solar Materials,US, 2017-2018
* R & D Scientist- MEMC Electronic Materials/SunEdison, USA, 2013- 2017
* Post-doctoral Fellow – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign– 2011 to 2013.
* Scientific Officer (C/D)– Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai– 2001 to 2006.
* PhD., Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Washinton University in St. Louis – 2011
* M.S., energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis, 2010.
* M. Tech., Environmental Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay - 2001
* B.E., Civil Engineering, Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology (IGIT), Utkal University, Odisha - 1999