Course Description :

  • The physical science of climate change Climate System; Causes of Climate Change, Climate data and trends; Analyses of climate data; Global atmospheric composition: Greenhouse gases and aerosols; Extreme weather events, sea level rise; Climate projections and their uncertainties.
  • Climate impacts, vulnerability and risks Assessing climate impacts on key sectors and systems (heat stress, water resources, coastal zones, agricultural systems); Concepts of vulnerability and risk; Assessing vulnerability and risk; Concepts of coping, adaptation and risk management, adaptive capacity, indicators and metrics; Adaptation planning and management including mainstreaming and climate resilient development.
  • Climate mitigation and policy Economics of climate change, Least cost carbon strategies; Frameworks for multi-criteria mitigation assessment; Multilateral and national responses; International climate negotiations and geopolitics of response; Policies and measures, including CDM, emissions trading; National policies for climate change (NAPCC, national missions).
Course Code: 
CM 803